一、 after sales service
1, all the equipment, and products are original factory warranty service according to the provisions of the products the supplier's warranty, warranty and technical support system of supply and demand both sides representative sign the equipment acceptance certificate from the date of the calculation.
2, two years warranty (except consumables), my company is responsible for the equipment to be supplied by our machine for repair, no charge to the user.
3, providing warranty response time: 24 hours telephone response services, from the receiving user fault repair service, E-mail, fax, our company will provide telephone support services online within 10 minutes, if cannot be ruled out, will in the shortest possible time arrived at the customer site for repair service.
4, troubleshooting time: working hours, troubleshooting time is 8 hours, if hardware failure on maintenance still cannot be ruled out after 24 hours, we will provide the same level of equipment for users to alternative use, until fault equipment repair, guarantee the normal work of the user.
5, office, after-sales service: or call: 029-81818823 88385092
二、 technical training and quality assurance
1, training
1.1 company technical support service center provides a day, seven days a week, 8 hours a day in the Internet online technical training services.
1.2 customers in the use the product for the first time, the company's technical staff will be in the installation and debugging after the completion of on-site technical training to customers, and will be distributed to the user installation manual in Chinese at the same time.
1.3 requirements of customers to the company for training, will be about 1-2 personnel, to provide product design technology, manufacturing process, common problems ruled out for training.
2, quality assurance
2.1 in a written form to provide the manufacturer promise of quality guarantee.
2.2 pass of product quality, supply channels, make function of hardware maintenance, software products to improve and upgrade, etc. With the protection. We ask factory to provide "delivery confirmation" and "warranty commitment" within the territory of China, strictly implement the quality law of the People's Republic of China, the standardization law of the People's Republic of China, the protection of consumer rights and interests of the People's Republic of China ", put an end to the "have-nots" products, eliminate because of quality problems hidden trouble for after-sales service.
三、 warranty service
After the expiry of the warranty, the company will continue to provide the maintenance and after-sales services such as technical support, after-sales service content, way and the warranty is the same, but the hardware, the charge of equipment maintenance and replacement costs, travel door-to-door service, software product to charge a service fee, the cost of our company will notify users in advance, after the user agrees to perform.
四, service process


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